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My passion for photography began during my senior year of high school. When I looked thru the lens of my camera, I was able to see the world from a very different perspective. Suddenly, I could capture sun glistening on water, clouds changing their irregular shapes and silhouetted lines of tree branches. Initially, I loved photographing scenes of nature. During the year of 2010, I realized that my dream was to photograph people who comprised the melting pot of New York City. My dream came true during the summer of 2010 in Harlem. My journey took me to 135th Steet and Broadway where I met fascinating people, witnessed a lot of fun happenings and photographed many street scenes that can be seem in my book Life on Broadway. I have also photographed a variety of other neighborhoods which can be seen in my books Spanish Harlem and Our Many Faces, Chabab of Crown Heights.

Photographs taken in Utah, Colorado and Montana are seen in two additional books called The Seasons and The Heart of the American West. My love for my work treating patients with complicated grief was portrayed in my book A Time to Die. During the summer of 2012, I traveled to Japan to provide training for mental health professionals who were treating victims of the earthquake and the Tsuami. Photographs of the people of Japan are documented in my book Japan, Through My Eyes. During the following summer, I presented a paper about Complicated Grief in Reykjavik, Iceland and documented the unusual terrain of Iceland in my book The Land of The Midnight Sun.